As they get older, please encourage them to donate their clothes to those who may be in greater need. This will reduce the amount of clothing disposed of in landfills, reducing the production of fast fashion clothing. Clothing donations are excellent for all ages to take part in and will help children create healthy habits to recycle and donate clothes instead of throwing them away.

 Why donate you clothes

Create a more sustainable environment

Everybody can play a part in reducing carbon emissions. You can walk or bike instead of driving, recycle paper and glass, and donate clothing to charity rather than throwing it away. There are many ways to donate clothes, and reusing the same clothing can reduce our carbon footprint.

When textiles are disposed of in landfills, methane and carbon dioxide can be released. Global greenhouse gas emissions are approximately 10% caused by the fashion industry. Donating helps reduce production and is good news for the planet.

Less landfill contributions

Many clothes that are worn out are thrown away and not donated to charity shops or donation centres. One of the most significant problems facing the world is the rise in textile waste. Tossing textiles can lead to increased pollution and harmful emissions.

It's smart to encourage people to donate and recycle their old clothes rather than throw them away. Someone may need the clothes you have donated, and donations can help reduce pollution and improve our environment.

You can keep your home clutter-free

This may not be the best reason to gift your children’s clothes, but it is a great way to motivate adults. Donating clothes and other home goods will allow you to get rid of the clutter in your closet and give your home more space.

Help those in need

Donating clothes helps many people; it aids those with disabilities, disaster victims, veterans and people who cannot afford clothes. You're helping many people by donating clothes to charity.

Last but not least, donating can build a positive trait in people. You can start to donate more clothes and items; we advise you to ensure that you are choosing a trusted organisation. You can be sure that your clothing donation will make a significant impact when you book with us. Get in touch to schedule a pickup!