Donating to charity is a win-win situation.

There are many sustainable options for donating clothing to charity, including swapping, selling, and sharing. It is also trendy, with 39% of people in the UK giving clothes to charity shops. These are just four reasons to consider joining them...

1. It's great news for the planet

Have you ever thought about what happens when your clothes are thrown in the bin? It's quite shocking. An estimated 300,000 tons worth of clothing are thrown away each year by UK households. Much of this clothing ends up in landfills. This is a lot, considering there is no way for clothing or textiles to end up in a landfill. Donating your clothes can reduce landfill waste, decrease demand for resource-hungry garments, and make fashion more sustainable.

2. It is a good thing. It does a lot of good.

You can double the impact by doing one thing! Donating your clothes to charity will help the environment and support great causes. Donated clothing is one of the largest sources of charity funds. Giving a coat, dress, or top to a cause you care about is easy.

3. It gives clothes new life

Donate unwanted clothes to charity so your clothes can be loved again. Even though you might not get much wear out of your suit or jumper, someone else will. They could even be purchasing it for you instead of buying something new. Your clothes can start a new journey and become part of new memories. It's better than throwing your clothes away. Send your clothes to a new adventure and share the love!

4. It will help you organise your wardrobe.

Are you losing track of what's actually inside your closet? This is the time to find hidden treasures and determine what should go. It's time to give up on clothes you haven't worn in a while or don't fit any more. Don't donate anything that is too worn. Instead, give it to your local textile bank. Don't be afraid if you think clear-out sounds like too much work. Keep a bag in your closet and add any items you find no longer necessary. Drop it at your local charity shop when it is full, or Book a clothing collection.