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World Cancer Care

WCC are a global organisation working together to bring cancer awareness, education and screening facilities to people in India, they wouldn’t have access to such services. WCC have helped 1,000,000+ people so far.

More than 1,300 people die from cancer in India every single day.

World Cancer Care Trustees & Supporters have walked over 5000 miles to raise funds for NHS charities and the care workers charity, to show their support for the invaluable work of the health care heroes during the Coronavirus pandemic. They raised an impressive £51,000.00.

In addition, World Cancer Care has adopted 5 UK hospices, including Acorns Children’s Hospices and St Rocco’s Hospice, to whom they are making regular donations to.

How will your support make a difference?

  • You will help change this through early detection
  • You will help counsel patients who are diagnosed with cancer
  • Your support will provide help in promoting awareness and understanding of cancer
  • Educate on how to self examine

By filling your bags with your preloved items you are directly helping and supporting WCC to continue all the great work they are doing getting help and support to people who need it most, as they are not privileged to have access to the amazing NHS we have here in the UK.

Please visit for more information on the charity.

Clothes Recycling

Unwanted Clothes Bag Collection - Not Dumping!

We ensure your unwanted clothes are put forward to a good cause and help save the environment at the same time. Arrange a charity clothes collection from your home and pick a charity of your choice for clothes donation.

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Clothes Recycling


We specialise in unwanted clothing collection and donate them to good causes. We rely on the kindness of our donors; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best - collecting and distributing clothes to those who need them.

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General Public

We rely on the kindness of everyday people to help us on our mission of helping those in need with clothing.


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We have fantastic solutions for businesses to promote recycling, do their bit for the environment and also earn some extra cash!


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Earn some extra money for your school and educate your pupils on the importance of recycling.

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