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As a frequent buyer who purchases from Collection4Clothes and re sells to businesses within Europe, I can confirm all the items are sold within local charity shops at affordable prices.

We are a well-established small business in North Poland working with a lot of UK suppliers employing tens of people. Our company is proud to be recycling link in huge textile branch helping people and the planet. We bring high-quality modern textile garments for our customers at affordable prices for customers on low income, but still highest possible quality. We are glad to cooperate with Collections4Clothes, who is our stabile and reliable supplier with experienced and responsible staff.

We have purchased textiles and other items from Collection4clothes throughout 2021, the items have been of excellent quality and our purchasing business have sold them at local affordable prices within their outlets.

We are a well-known second-hand clothes brand and have quite a few shops in whole of Russia. Working with a lot of UK charities and collectors we bring high-quality modern things for our customers at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide clothes to citizens on low income, but still the quality is the main priority for us. We are happy to cooperate with Collection4Clothes, who is our stabile and reliable supplier of second-hand products, including textile, shoes and other worn articles.

Clothes Recycling

Unwanted Clothes Bag Collection - Not Dumping!

We ensure your unwanted clothes are put forward to a good cause and help save the environment at the same time. Arrange a charity clothes collection from your home and pick a charity of your choice for clothes donation.

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Clothes Recycling


We specialise in unwanted clothing collection and donate them to good causes. We rely on the kindness of our donors; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best - collecting and distributing clothes to those who need them.

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General Public

We rely on the kindness of everyday people to help us on our mission of helping those in need with clothing.


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We have fantastic solutions for businesses to promote recycling, do their bit for the environment and also earn some extra cash!


Clothes collection near me


Earn some extra money for your school and educate your pupils on the importance of recycling.

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